Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I was just watching How I met your mother season 6. And there was this episode in which Marshal`s dad passes away. When it does, Marshal tries to remember what was his last words for Marshal, just to find those were about some film and stuff. He takes the last word a big deal while his friends were not, they were justing to comfort him. Then Marshal has his friends rewind a little to their father`s last words up until the point. Everyone has this unpleasant memories. He later finds that his dad`s last words were I Love YOU, recorded in a voice mail when he listens it at the funeral.

Yeah, the last words!

We all die. We don`t know what really happens tomorrow or even after 5 seconds ahead with 100% certainty. We know and remember what we did, what we said to someone and stuffs in the past. But what if SHINIGAMI comes after your life, just after what you did or said to your friend or whomever. Whatever we do might become our last action as a human being, and our particular action to particular person. So these moments which we all share will be left to who`s left. We will be remembered for our action, more by our last ones. (I am not saying it will only the last ones that remains, but just it is more important)
So, you don`t want to be remembered for your shouting and brawling against friends or relatives and who you love and go on, right?

At the end of the episode, Marshal`s friends all calls to their fathers and Barney, one of the friends, decides to get some courage to ask his mother about his real father, after like 30 around years not knowing him at all.

So be nice, be considerate and watch for the mouth FOR it might be your last. Search for the better ways. Try to leave the dispute with mutual understanding. Leave nice words and actions.

Oh yeah, my E sucks! ...
but, hope it`s gonna return back to the norm. :D


Solar Sky said...

Seems like our free man is on his way to be enlightened. This article made me think a moment about past.

Have a nice day.

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