Saturday, April 27, 2013

on Education



What is it for? 

What is Education`s role in people`s lives in economic terms?

According to Schultz (Nobel prize winner in Economics) what education does is it improves person`s accumulative ability of his/her resources (time, money, skills, etc.) when confronted in disequilibrium or to put it simple, problem, and pursue the equilibrium. 

It requires people to recognize the disequilibrium or problem in his live or surroundings, in the first place.  However, they are people who don`t anything about the disequilibrium and just let it stay there as it is. So, roughly speaking, according to Schultz, education doesn`t have effect on those people who let the disequilibrium stay as it is. 

However, isn`t changing those people is education`s one of the most important role?


Thursday, April 18, 2013



What is development? (in country)

I was asked this question in the class, but couldn`t answer it, the other day.
You know, there is developed country and developing country and etc. This idea or this word "develop", what is the meaning of it, really? 

Is the improvement of the infrastructure, a development? Is the positive economic growth, a development? Is development weighed only by economic terms? Are these things we call a development, really a development? 

Then I was thinking, and came up with this simple idea or term of development, which is:

Development is improvement of the state of factors which bears influence on how much the country has ensured human rights to their people. So in other words, the so-called developed countries have ensured human rights to their people, as much as they could. On the other hand, those non-developed countries have the least ensured human rights to their people. 

I think you are thinking why just about now and here is why.

You see. This is why.
(to be continued) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Today is...  or should be very busy day. Lots of stuffs should be done today but i am still in bed procrastinating.

Today's question was Where is my desire? Where is my motivation? Where is my beliefs? Where is my head? ... And most importantly where is ME?

And I looked for it from my blog.
Born Free!!!

Once i read trough it all, I somehow stopped feeling empty. Maybe, every entry had a piece of me installed deeply, and while I was reading, those pieces made some meaningful shape of my heart and soul and brain, which I was searching for.

Therefore, Lesson would be: leaving things in some form where you can recall long after, guides you in the times of stray, reminds who you were and what you might want to become.

Actually, the other day, I was analyzing the benefits of writing a diary. And If can recall all of them now, those was:

--- days in life are so different. There are days that nothing really happens, and you just lie down in your bed or just surf internet for long hours. And there are those days that many things happen. Specially for the latter days, you consume loads of information in and out, and it is all in chaos, most likely.

One of the problem of our memory is that even if we have the information stored, if we cannot do the recalling, we can't come up with them. Even if we do, they are more likely to be "raw" thus difficult to explain in details. I bet you have those times that you have something to tell, but cannot really tell because the information is just too vague or cannot come up with specific details to describe. Or sometimes they are just too unorganized. So the problem is the more "raw" the information is, the more difficult it is to recall when time passes.

What writing diary does is that while we are doing it, we are recalling those "raw" datas and organize and summarize them into a diary. We can do it, because, the "raw" datas are fresh in the storage. In other words, writing diary not only makes the datas available in reading form, but also makes them more accessible and easier to recall in organized form.

The benefit I just mentioned is not in the direct outcome of writing a diary, but in the process of doing it.

--- "What we focus on in life, shapes our life"

Too much emotions, too much information we go through each day. By writing a diary, we can focus on specific feeling or information, that we think is important because it will shape our life, and ourselves. And we are free to choose what we write in our diary. So, for example, by making ourselves to write only positive sides of the negative day, we can belittle the importance of the negatives and can actually carry on for the future positively.

You might think that we can do it in our brain and why on diary? Indeed we can, however, firstly it is difficult to do it in the first place because that situation is easily distractible, by unwanted emotions and etc. Moreover, if we write it, we will read it in the future, hopefully. At that time, you will be almost completely convinced by your diary. So it has present and future benefits.

Sometimes, when you start to do something, you need to convince yourself first. You need to make yourself believe in doing it to make yourself comfortable doing it and thus the result will be better.
This was my way of making myself believe in writing diary and hopefully I do.

Of course, if you have an uber memory, you don't have to struggle yourself in writing diaries. I just need to admit that my memory sucks a legend so, gotta start doing something which works instead.

And, If You come up with any other benefits of writing diary or blogs, share it with me. Help me out in the great conquest of writing diaries for the rest of my "better" life.