Saturday, April 27, 2013

on Education


What is it for? 

What is Education`s role in people`s lives in economic terms?

According to Schultz (Nobel prize winner in Economics) what education does is it improves person`s accumulative ability of his/her resources (time, money, skills, etc.) when confronted in disequilibrium or to put it simple, problem, and pursue the equilibrium. 

It requires people to recognize the disequilibrium or problem in his live or surroundings, in the first place.  However, they are people who don`t anything about the disequilibrium and just let it stay there as it is. So, roughly speaking, according to Schultz, education doesn`t have effect on those people who let the disequilibrium stay as it is. 

However, isn`t changing those people is education`s one of the most important role?



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