Monday, April 23, 2012

It was weird. Because I was able to create a melody on my own, for the first time on guitar. And shortly after, I found myself writing lyrics for the melody. And even though lyrics is short and so is melody, but still I have my own song, now. Isn`t it great? so I decided to share the lyrics, And maybe youtube video later.   

So the name is

When I...

When I hear your voice
I can`t refrain 
From myself
Thinking of you

When I see your face
I can`t refrain
From myself
Longing for you

When I think of you
I can`t refrain 
From myself
Searching for you

When I am with you 
I can`t refrain 
From myself
Loving you


Astrea said...

aimar aimar hamtlaguud er ni 20, 21teigeesee garaagaa ehelsen baidag yum bilee shu :P

Specter said...

haha. tiim yum shig bga yum edr ;D

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