Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life of T.

I am back.
I am back to the blogger,
I am back to my study,
more importantly I am back to the life. 

I have been sailing in a vast ocean, with a big cat on board, surviving not matter what, but not knowing when exactly we will get to the shore, even though I knew the time will come eventually. Just as awesomely described in a movie called "Life of Pi". 

Story is, basically, Pi was left alone from shipwreck and survives with a tiger on a ship, sailing in the Pacific. Tiger needed Pi to survive, and when it survived, tiger just left Pi. It is just hard to accept that animals stay animals, just like the tiger in the movie stays tiger until the very end, never becoming a friend of Pi, even after how Pi treated the tiger as he did.

Well, I guess, that`s how it is. "Tiger is an animal, not your friend." so says Pi`s father. Maybe true. 

The main character Pi says 
"I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."

How sad. Well of course, it`s not that I lost my family like he did, it`s not that I lost everything like he did. Just saying...

It is funny when you can see yourself in the big screen, and it just reflects your thoughts and experiences, in more fictional, creative, tragic way. 

Anyway, 3 more reports and 3 more tests to go to finish my 2nd year at Hitotsubashi University. 
And, from Feb 9, I will be going to Spain on an internship to a company called "Berge y Cia". I will stay 5 weeks in Madrid until March 18th. So, I guess, I better write something like a Diary on my days in Spain, which I am pretty looking forward to. 

Wish me luck! 
From now on, I will be confronting my Fear, not avoiding it. 

Wish you guys All the Best! 

P.S. found an interesting review of "Life of Pi". You might wanna peek at it.  


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Good luck, buddy!

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