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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Evolution has been everywhere from invisible (cant be seen by naked eyes) bacteria to visible humanized robot. Evolution by definition is development, progress, growth - all not bad but good aspects.
It has taken our earth 4.5 billion years to evolve into what it is now, with full of life on it... especially lives with intelligence, humans...
  • 300 million years of reptiles,
  • 200 million years of mammals,
  • 150 million years of birds,
  • 130 million years of flowers,
  • 65 million years since the non-avian dinosaurs died out,
  • 2.5 million years since the appearance of the genus Homo,
  • 200,000 years since humans started looking like they do today,
  • 25,000 years since Neanderthals died out.
This is a brief history of life on Earth. From this, as one can see, evolution is not something that one can see during one's life span.
As time pass by, evolution itself has gotten into faster road which lead to present time. Now, one can see not only one, but also quite a number of evolutions in his or her life time. Computer evolution, for example, in half a century or so, has evolved into what is now a chip with size of matches (from only one perspective), let alone super duper muper computer, from half a living room or more sized metal.
At first, evolution was, by nature, decided and fittest would survive and evolve into more adapted being. But now humans are creating evolutions, not by mighty hands of Nature or God themselves, making them (evolutions) faster and modifiable, but not as reliable.
In biology, chemistry, physics and many more field, scientists and experts are trying to find answers for questions that were/are being asked and will be asked. As they struggle, we consume, like we can stop though...
One thing is certain that those creation and evolutions have helped us to create what was once a dream or not even dreamed. However, we became more cruel than ever to our mother who supplies everything from a sand to a piece of gold.
Cruelty has become a commonplace...
As we consume, we endanger natural balance or equilibrium which is vital for livings and earth herself.
Will these evolutions we are making help us? It is 99.99% sure that Earth will someday run out of its resources and then the Judgement day will come upon us or even sooner, much more sooner than that...

Should she be grateful if she is the only one of her kind who is carrying US, intelligent creatures.
Should she be sorry for that she have to undergo with those creatures who are paving her destruction so quickly?
DING!!! :D


Анука said...

You're a pro writer. I mean blogger.

Specter said...

Couldn't find another word except to thank.
Thank you...

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