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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fight Club...

She once asked me if I watched this movie. I hadn't, then I downloaded it right away after watching its trailer as I took interest in it. Then, I forgot it, having it lied on my disk filling 700 mb just like other movies which are not necessarily worth watching and spending time on them...

Now that I have just watched it, I know I was wrong to had it waiting to be watched. It thrilled me, it puzzled me, it amused me...
It was a worth watching film right after downloading after all.
I will definitely watch it again sometime soon.
Anyways, I suggest to watch it and feel it. You will not regret!!!
Here is the IMDb page where you will find useful informations like something, you know... comments and other stuffs.
I hope you will enjoy.
P.S. I am not providing download link or feel free to contact me and have it on flash disk.


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