Saturday, October 10, 2009


Though I don't really listen to hip-hop, A song by Tupac(2 pac) always had my respect, that is Changes. The whole song is about rasicm and was officially released in 1998 but was in progress of developing during 95-96.

Today, I happened to listen to it, and realized something interesting.
In the middle verse(Lyrics), you will find "We ain't ready, to see a black President, uhh"
Last year, 12 years after his death, 10 years after its release, we saw a Black President, Barrack Obama, whose campaign slogan was to bring about "CHANGES": "THE CHANGES WE NEED", and who just won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Barack Obama may/must have been encouraged by 2 Pac. :P
Now that we have seen, Tupac, if he was alive to this day, would really be glad to see CHANGES there have been, the CHANGES he foresaw.


darkhan_tsaazat said...

Энэ тасархай дуу ш дээ. Хип хоп сонсдоггүй хүмүүс хүртэл 2пакд дуртай байдаг юм байна лээ. Би ч яахав, угийн сонсдын. :P Обамаг хип хоп сонсдог гэж хаа нэгтээгээс сонсож байсын байнаа...

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