Sunday, July 24, 2011

TOP of the iceberg

You know, we all have our own personalities. There are some who get happy as easy as they get angry, or otherwise. Also, people tend to suppress their feeling towards others` action, often, regardless of their relationship to other person. Moreover, if we get mad at everything around that seems wrong, we can`t live in harmony. With this in mind, let`s see one case.

Lets say there are 3 people A, B, C. Person A got angry at B, and C knows a reason or two about why A got angry at B. then C judges A douchebag or whatever, because C thinks the reason A have to get mad towards B`s action, is trivial, and laughs back at A. In this case, C is third-person, or an excess. For C doesnt know everything about A and B and their relationship and stuff. Not only does it concern C but also B.

What I want to point out is that, one should, highly, refrain from judging the person who got angry by judging the reason which made him angry. Because it is WRONG. Judging one might know a reason or two but not all. It might be just only TOP of the iceberg. Or it just happened to be the climax or trigger that triggered water to overflow the container.

Don`t go around judging people from what you know, that is small portion of it --- Today`s lesson.


Anu said...

You're person A.

Specter said...

You didnt have to point that out, lol.

Anu said...

It is obvious for everyone who reads it. How are you?

Boldbaatar Gankhuyag said...

A! So your point is simple as we should judge things as a many perspectives as possible. Or just stop judgin

Specter said...

@Anu that`s why you didn`t have to, lol.
@Boldoo yeah

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