Sunday, July 31, 2011

You know... of course you don`t know, this spring and summer was, well, up until now, the most difficult time I have ever had in my personal life. I just can`t count how many problems were there to face me, and with every minute it goes, I started seeing my, bad sides... Nothing was good in this semester, almost. I knew I was not good enough to start studying in Japanese, but I didn`t study as I should have, thus having problem with lectures and exams. Plus, I had to crush some feelings. but also, feeling rejected as a foreigner in Japanese society or well at least in classes and clubs. Most unfortunately, none to talk to, none to share with, none to be listened to, none no nothing...

YEAH! it has been like that. I have changed, or it is more correct to say It changed me. I feel myself, growing cold.
Well, whatever the case. WHO CARES?

. "Listen to me! You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you. This is not the worst thing that can happen."


Anu said...

I understand that being "alone" there is turning you "cold". You might be really thinking "who cares?". Well, that is not very far off from the truth. But don't be so overly under with yourself. Because that's not totally true.

You were the boy who always sees a glass half-full of liquid rather than half-empty.

Boldbaatar Gankhuyag said...

Don't lose your optimism man, am not much of a optimist myself but i see you as a good man, so don't lose it, evey man has to overcome their own problems, your choice, your life.

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