Thursday, April 18, 2013


What is development? (in country)

I was asked this question in the class, but couldn`t answer it, the other day.
You know, there is developed country and developing country and etc. This idea or this word "develop", what is the meaning of it, really? 

Is the improvement of the infrastructure, a development? Is the positive economic growth, a development? Is development weighed only by economic terms? Are these things we call a development, really a development? 

Then I was thinking, and came up with this simple idea or term of development, which is:

Development is improvement of the state of factors which bears influence on how much the country has ensured human rights to their people. So in other words, the so-called developed countries have ensured human rights to their people, as much as they could. On the other hand, those non-developed countries have the least ensured human rights to their people. 

I think you are thinking why just about now and here is why.

You see. This is why.
(to be continued) 


Specter said...

Sorry, couldn`t write the explanation in simple way, so, I would`t have to ask for couple of days to organize the explanation properly. Still, happy to see yours, so feel free. Tnx.

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